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Hi, I’m Nay. When I was a little girl and my family and I went anywhere, I always had a bag of books with me. I never thought about making sure my shoes were tied (or on the right foot), but I had my books. As an adult, my life still revolves around books as a book editor and proofreader, though now I have a Kindle that’s convenient for car rides.

The only subject I ever liked in school was English, and when I realized I could help authors with their books for a living, I earned my bachelor’s degree in English. I graduated in 2015 and edited on the side until the end of 2019, when I made the jump to full time.

My two cats, Cosmo and Saturn, are my whole heart. Besides my boys, my two favorite things are coffee cups and pajamas. I always have a cup of coffee on my desk, and I pretty much switch from daytime and nighttime pajamas. I don’t like people-ing, so I pretty much alternate between them until I’m forced to leave my house.

My days are spent editing and drinking coffee, and my evenings usually involve me curling up in bed with my boys, a cup of coffee, and a book or TV show/movie. No one would claim that I have a very exciting life, but I love my simple life.

I’d love to discuss your book with you, tell you about my process, and give you a quote. 🙂

Nadara “Nay” Merrill
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